Our Latest Simple Successes:

VanDyk Mortgage Convention Center

CS was recommended to the City of Muskegon and the County of Muskegon by a satisfied former client. The 9 individual City, County, and Private stakeholders in the project were looking for an Owner's Representative to help them navigate through a complex project. This...


BAMF Health is leading the nation in cutting edge Radio-pharmacy and cancer treatments and is the key anchor tenant in the new Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Center located at the gateway of Grand Rapid’s Medical Mile.  The BAMF Health team has desired to establish...

SBVB – Provisioning Center

Construction Simplified had just started to build a strong name in West Michigan as the leader in the emerging market of cannabis construction and given that solid reputation, we were contacted by a real estate investor to assist the new tenant to navigate the...


In December of 2018, the State of Michigan voters approved recreational use cannabis, thus sparking many communities that were guarded to the ever-changing legalities to begin shifting their ordinances and policies to appropriately plan for opening their doors to the...

Indian Creek

A long-time contractor relationship of Construction Simplified came to us with eagerness to build another investment that he would partially occupy with his painting business. This piece of property was just over 9 total acres of wooded land with a creek that ran...

Edgewater Manistee

Edgewater Manistee began when a Grand Rapids based realtor, specializing in residential investments, reached out to our team at CS inquiring about our assistance in organizing a defunct condominium project that sat along the riverbanks of Manistee, MI.  His client had...

Sessions Pointe

Sessions Pointe is a prime example of the creative and innovative mindset that Construction Simplified provides for each of their clients. After several years of ownership of a defunct development from the ’08 recession, our client was nearing completion of the 2nd...

Fulton & Gold

One of Construction Simplified’s founding principles of business is to utilize our skillsets and knowledge to create our own developments, owned by the team of partners, to create long term equity.  We do so with not only wise and founded developments, but ones that...

Blueprint Collaborative

As Construction Simplified’s business grew, it became obvious to its founder that new and improved office space was desperately needed. Not only for the team’s growth, but a space that showed everyone who visited, who we are, and what we can do as creative builders...

Rowster Belknapp

When Rowster Coffee was looking to expand their brand to their fourth location in the Belknap neighborhood of Grand Rapids, with a planned buildout of a 1,100 SF tenant, they contacted Construction Simplified.  Knowing that our team enjoys and respects working with...

Buff Whelan Chevrolet

Full Service - Owner's Rep

Buff Whelan Chevy, the Number #1 Chevrolet sales leader and a multi-generational family owned business in Sterling Heights, Michigan, never expected to lose their entire 50,000 SF service department and body-shop one unfortunate evening in June by an accidental fire.  Ironically, just week’s earlier, CS’ President Brent Gibson, was introduced to Jack Bos, the longstanding general manager at BWC at a lake house gathering where Brent had the opportunity to share with Jack “what we do” as Construction Simplified.

Although this strong community business had executed several construction projects through the years at their facility and from that were well-connected to the industry, given this unique situation, they were still in need of the proper teammate to help them through this stressful and ultimately confusing process.  In December of that year, and after several months of spinning their wheels with the insurance company, demolition crews, and architects, Jack reached out to Brent and said, “I think I have a need for what you do.” That’s when the team at CS joined BWC as their Owner’s Representative and along with their trusted architect, to begin working to re-align the design with their needs and swiftly move to get construction underway.

To be a successful project, CS identified three key components that were to be planned and executed:  

#1 – Pre-Engineered Metal Building Procurement 

Given the opportunity to rebuild a modern and efficient service & body-shop, but knowing the impending lengthy lead times for a pre-engineered steel structure exceeding (12+) weeks, CS worked quickly with the project team to design an expansive 80,000 SF structure to house the yet to be finalized interior functions.  We worked to obtain multiple proposals from building manufacturers, contract directly with BWC, and then quickly started the engineering and shop drawing process. This allowed for confident budget protection all while saving critical months on the overall project schedule, allowing Construction Simplified to onboard the right Construction Manager.

#2 – Construction Manager RFP Process

CS commonly educates our clients in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process by leading and showing them how to accurately convey to Construction Managers the project schedule, budget, and the project’s critical requirements, in turn hiring the RIGHT FIRM and not the first firm.  It was crucial for the process that we identify the already procured building structure, citing only erection labor was needed, the desire to maximize the space/use within the insurance reimbursable budget, and the ultra-critical of constructing the large building in a very active and overflowing car lot.  Expanding on this challenge further, it was a top priority that BWC have all service customers continue to drop off their vehicles for service at this location, only to be transported to one of (3) other temporary service locations. CS led this coordination and provided detailed explanation of the required site logistics with temporary service drop off, rental car facilities, and construction expectations as part of our CM selection process.

#3 – Construction Coordination with the Operating Dealership

Think of a beehive.  That’s how busy the slowest Monday is at BWC; after all they are a brand leading dealership.  This daily excitement required the entire construction team to be focused when constructing the new 85,000 sf facility.

With a project of this magnitude taking place literally on the other side of the wall from the functioning dealership sales floor and offices, constant communication was required.  Weekly team meetings were led by CS, acting as the liaison between the construction team and the multiple departments of BWC, coordinating water shutdowns, IT/fiber replacement, all life safety systems remained operational during the ever-changing site logistics ensuring the protection of the staff and their supportive customers.  CM accountability was also maintained during several site and schedule challenges, and coordinating the involvement of several Owner supplied dealers that were critical to the project schedule. All of this allowed the BWC team to occupy the new structure from its temporary off-site facilities back to the dealership only 10 months later.

By partnering with Construction Simplified, the team at Buff Whelan Chevrolet were able to maintain focus on operations of their dealership and surprisingly received the that year’s Chevrolet’s award for Michigan’s #1 volume dealer amidst the turmoil this fire and reconstruction inevitably bought.

“An otherwise successful business can be completely detailed when an unfortunate situation like a fire forces a project into action without proper project planning. The challenge of project planning and construction can be led by Construction Simplified and our ability to understand those challenges, communicate, coordinate and put in place the right plan and team of architects, builders, and subcontractors” – CS